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Approximately 1.4 million people in Georgia don't have health insurance, which makes us third in the country for uninsured residents. Expansion of Medicare is a necessity, as numerous residents who don't qualify for Medicaid don't make enough to qualify for financial assistance on These same Georgians earn below the poverty line. What this means is that when people get sick, they are going to emergency rooms which are already overwhelmed due to the global pandemic.

Those who earn above the poverty line are still faced with extremely high premiums and deductibles. Even worse, Georgia's healthcare system ranks 42nd in the country for performance. This means that although people are paying astronomical medical bills, they aren't receiving quality care.

As Insurance Commissioner, I will work with our legislators and other government officials to create affordable, viable solutions. Healthcare is a right, and no one should have to make the choice between feeding your family and seeking medical attention.

Business Ownership

For the last 8 years, Georgia has been named the #1 state for business climate. Small businesses are the backbone of Georgia's economy. They generate revenue for the state and provide employment for many. 

Opening my insurance agency literally changed my life. One of the goals of my administration will be to educate and empower others to open insurance agencies. The average amount of liquid capital needed to start an agency is around $100k. As Insurance Commissioner, I will create a fund for qualified individuals that want to open agencies, but lack start-up funding, with a focus on women, people of color, people with disabilities, members of the LGBTQ+ community and other underrepresented groups.


To whom much is given, much is required. Those of us who have "made it" have the moral obligation to open doors for others. I will create a mentorship program that will partner accomplished insurance industry professionals with those who have aspirations to own agencies.

Car Insurance

Georgia ranks #5 in the country for highest car insurance premiums. It is outrageous that often, car insurance premiums are more expensive than car payments themselves. Part of the problem is that in many cases, those with poor driving records and those with spotless records are put into the same risk pool. When this happens, good drivers are penalized alongside those with poor driving records. My administration will work with insurance companies to ensure that proper risk segmentation occurs. This will stop good drivers from being penalized and will stabilize rates for safe drivers.

Equitable Rates

According to research conducted by the Consumer Federation of America, car insurance is more expensive for African-Americans than their non-Black counterparts. This inequity is caused by socioeconomic factors that have nothing to do with driving history. For example, most insurance companies offer discounted car insurance for homeowners, married couples and lower credit scores. This disproportionately impacts the Black community. Additionally, people of color tend to pay higher car and homeowners insurance premiums. They are often told it is because their zip codes experience more losses,

My administration will collaborate with insurance companies, legislators and the National Association of Insurance Commissioners to develop solutions for equitable rates for all Georgians. 


Knowledge is power. Unfortunately, many people purchase policies and have no clue what they are buying. My administration will offer extensive educational resources to help you understand your coverages in terms you can understand to assist you in making informed decisions. Additionally, many of Georgia's residents are without life insurance. In the past, I launched a successful life insurance awareness campaign called "No GoFundMe Funerals". As Insurance Commissioner, I will reintroduce that campaign on a statewide level. Also, we will offer education on financial literacy.

Poor driving has contributed to injuries, fatalities and increased insurance rates. My office will collaborate with driving schools and other organizations to educate and to spread awareness of safe driving practices.

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